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We Have All Had Enough // With all the tumult in the world around us, many of us are feeling our energy fractured. We may be feeling pressure and not truly recognize where that pressure is coming from. There may be a feeling of … Continue reading

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No Guns – Just Love // During a conversation, with a new, teacher friend of mine, I found a chill running through me as a result of our discourse.  None of the dialogue was new to me but this really impacted my soul. When … Continue reading

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Forgive and Let Go

// A dear friend of mine called me today and told me that his father had been taken into the hospital, again, and was really in a bad way. He explained that he was feeling torn about how he should … Continue reading

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Let Compassion Rule // When the haunting news reels, taken in Arizona recently, showed up on my screen, I couldn’t help but notice how deeply I was being affected by them. Then it became clear to me that there is a grander … Continue reading

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Excuses be Gone

// There is no excuse for not being loving. There is no excuse for not being kind. There is no excuse for not being honest. There is no excuse for not being peaceful. And you know we still actually think … Continue reading

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Sandpiper Theme

“The Shadow of your Smile” was a song I sang many years ago. My dear mother used to love to hear me sing this song and would sit, beaming at me, as she played the part of the sole audience … Continue reading

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Accepting Citizens of the Universe

I have made the decision to begin a movement entitled Accepting Citizens of the Universe (ACOTU). Isn’t it time that we get together and be the difference that so many of us want to see! The difference is that difference … Continue reading

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