No Guns – Just Love


During a conversation, with a new, teacher friend of mine, I found a chill running through me as a result of our discourse.  None of the dialogue was new to me but this really impacted my soul. When my friend revealed the fact that a child she was speaking to was, as she said, “looking forward to going home and getting his gun so that he could feel safe”. Even as I write these words I feel the tears fill my eyes and my heart fill with pain. These are our children that we are talking about; the future leaders of our country; I must set a more positive example. Notice, I said, “I” – if it is to be it must begin with me. And so I wrote this:

No Guns – Just Love

My dream is to know that all children

Feel respect from all those around

After all they will be our leaders

So I must teach them a lesson profound

I must show by my own example

How when I move away from that space of fear

I automatically regain my power

And my pathway soon becomes clear

It disturbs me so much to know that

A child feels the need to carry a gun

And instead of being playful and loving

They’ve never found their way to have fun

I must find a way to disarm them

And show the way to give fear a shove

Remembering that whatever we resist still persists

New policy – No guns – Just Love

Copyright Best 2011

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