Learning Should Be Fun


I was thinking about, way back, when I was in school and how the classes that I did well in were, as I remember, a direct result of my experience of the teacher. I loved those teachers and thought fondly of them. Those teachers made,  what they were teaching me, interesting. They even invoked some fun into these classes. I actually looked forward to being in their class. Yet there were other teachers I was terrified of. I was so scared to answer a question in the event it was the wrong answer.

Learning Should Be Fun

When I re-visit my childhood and think of those teachers I loved

I recognize some similarities

Those teachers I loved and think fondly of and made learning fun

And always did so very much to please

Why is it some teachers feel that they should be real mean

And make the children afraid to be wrong

Don’t they realize they’re inhibiting their growth

By closing down the child’s inner song

Don’t get me wrong I am aware

That respect is needed between the teacher and the child

And as long as that respect is going both ways

They won’t find that child running wild

I really feel that our teachers should be supported

And encouraged to make learning fun

This way the children might enjoy going to school

And also graduate when they are done

Copyright Best 2011

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Others will Always be Different



It is so easy for me to think, that if others don’t believe in life the same way that I do, they are wrong! I can so easily step into the judgment seat and cast aspersions. My way could be to look down on those who don’t feel the same way that I do. And guess what – I do! And when I do I am simply holding up a mirror before myself. At that point I am no different than they are. It was these thoughts that led me to write this poem.

Others Will Always be Different

When I find out that someone has a different understanding
About a philosophy of life
It is up to me to accept that this is their journey
Not make them wrong – and not create strife

I was never privy to what brought them their point of view
I never wore their shoes
It took many years for them to decide this
They may not feel  – that they get to choose

If I must defend those beliefs that I carry through life
The truth is I may not be sure
I must never question decisions made by another
This would make my thought impure

All I can do is to live life the best way that I understand
Be true to all I believe
Let go of all need to make other folk wrong
In saying that they’re not like me

So I’ll accept that others will always be different
And be open to seeing what’s true
By shifting that pose that I’m taking on
I may find new light shining through

Copyright Best 2011

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Who Say's Bigger is Better?





I am glad that I have made America my home for this past 45 or so years. Though there is one thing that may often upset me and that is the need for competition. In my mind, America is a wonderful country and so is Great Britain and so is Spain and so is Germany and so on.

With the world getting so much smaller, I believe that we should pay attention to our conversation and instead of saying we are bigger and better, we might be more open to learning from other countries in the world, who have the ability to show others new and improved ways of being or doing.

Who Says Bigger is Better?

Why do we feel so insecure if we don’t have the greatest new toy?

Why do we constantly fear others’ success and do things that only kill joy?

Who says that bigger is better? Who’s afraid of not being enough?

Why don’t we see that we all have a chance to benefit from all our stuff?

This world feels the need to compete and each country feels they are right

If only each one could consider – there’s really no need to fight

We could, in fact, learn from each other and make this world a great place to live

Instead of thinking that bigger is better we need to let go and forgive

Copyright Best 2011

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We Have All Had Enough



With all the tumult in the world around us, many of us are feeling our energy fractured. We may be feeling pressure and not truly recognize where that pressure is coming from. There may be a feeling of desperation and no real connection to where that desperation is coming from. And my feeling is that this is all good. We need to be feeling this now and recognize that we all can do something about it. It is time for a shift of a positive kind.

We Have All Had Enough

The uprisings we see before us – mean that beings have all had enough

They’ve hit the wall with those leaders who are feeding them nothing but stuff

The difference between response and reaction can be the difference between failure and win

Most of us feel that we need to yell so loud instead of using that power within

Yet the yelling reminds other people that we must stand up for what we believe

Now when we decide that we’ve had enough – we can choose a new way to be

These “yellers” should be well admired for being willing to risk being shot

Now it’s time to stop the resistance and respond with those tools that we’ve got

These tools are inherent within us – they are led by the love in our heart

So the good news is there’s no need to wait – Right now is a good time to start

Copyright Best 2011

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Is It Not Pathetic?



Sometimes I feel that I am being herded like a little lamb; simply following the gang and not even thinking about the consequences. I want to shake my head in disbelief that I am caught up in the drift – going along with the program – then suddenly I realize, no, I don’t want to do that. Then it is time for me to speak up!

Isn’t it Pathetic?

Isn’t it pathetic how I’m led into an abyss – allowing myself to be wooed by an outside force

The advertisers are telling me that I might have some dreadful thing

Who am I to question this reliable source?

The oil companies are telling me that oil is getting low

And who am I to think that I know better?

Isn’t it pathetic with this cost of gas so high?

It’s not as if I could even write a letter

The Health Insurance companies tell me they can’t cover me

Because I’ve had something that I may get again

I thought that’s what they’re there for

Isn’t it pathetic – if not now please tell me when?

Now the drug companies are telling me that “this pill is the best!”

And if my health insurance won’t cover me ’cause costs are high

Isn’t it pathetic that even if I were covered and the doctor said I should

The health insurance wouldn’t even pay for it and I shouldn’t even try

Isn’t it pathetic – Perhaps I should think again

Keep a positive attitude and be clear in my intent

I’ll take full responsibility for all that happens to me

I’ll choose to be very healthy – knowing my inner power’s well spent

copyright Best 2011

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The Resistance Factor



I know we would be amazed if we truly realized the power our individual energy brings to the world. If we were to monitor our thoughts in a more precise way and of course, our conversation, we definitely would alter choices.

I believe that it is time for us to take our gifts seriously and understand their place in this world. Together, we can make a huge, difference for the best.

The Resistance Factor

The resistance factor determines the outcomes I am seeing

As I venture forth in living every day

As I witness others bringing all their pre-conceived ideas

I recognize what power these thoughts play

If I, as a teacher, enter a classroom – bringing thoughts of a negative kind

Judgments of those children that are there

There’s no doubt those judgments will permeate the room

And seep into each heart and every chair

Until I become responsible – being conscious of my thoughts

And being aware of the power each thought brings

I’ll only be fueling the negative power – instead of taking a positive pose

And being responsible for creating wonderful things

I choose to never resist and to welcome all the good I find

And to focus on blessings no matter how small they may be

I’ll trounce that resistance factor and nip it in the bud

Once again I’ll know for sure that if it’s to be it’s up to me

Copyright Best 2011

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No Guns – Just Love



During a conversation, with a new, teacher friend of mine, I found a chill running through me as a result of our discourse.  None of the dialogue was new to me but this really impacted my soul. When my friend revealed the fact that a child she was speaking to was, as she said, “looking forward to going home and getting his gun so that he could feel safe”. Even as I write these words I feel the tears fill my eyes and my heart fill with pain. These are our children that we are talking about; the future leaders of our country; I must set a more positive example. Notice, I said, “I” – if it is to be it must begin with me. And so I wrote this:

No Guns – Just Love

My dream is to know that all children

Feel respect from all those around

After all they will be our leaders

So I must teach them a lesson profound

I must show by my own example

How when I move away from that space of fear

I automatically regain my power

And my pathway soon becomes clear

It disturbs me so much to know that

A child feels the need to carry a gun

And instead of being playful and loving

They’ve never found their way to have fun

I must find a way to disarm them

And show the way to give fear a shove

Remembering that whatever we resist still persists

New policy – No guns – Just Love

Copyright Best 2011

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