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Others will Always be Different // It is so easy for me to think, that if others don’t believe in life the same way that I do, they are wrong! I can so easily step into the judgment seat and cast aspersions. My way … Continue reading

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Forgive and Let Go

// A dear friend of mine called me today and told me that his father had been taken into the hospital, again, and was really in a bad way. He explained that he was feeling torn about how he should … Continue reading

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And Life Goes On // Do you ever just want to strangle that person in your life who is irritating the poop out of you? Or when that child nearby is constantly saying, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! do you just want to scream? Well, … Continue reading

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Accepting Citizens of the Universe

I have made the decision to begin a movement entitled Accepting Citizens of the Universe (ACOTU). Isn’t it time that we get together and be the difference that so many of us want to see! The difference is that difference … Continue reading

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Feeling Different

// As we mature and expand our horizons of life and take a more Spiritual path, we so often find ourselves developing new friendships and losing connection with those people who have surrounded our lives. Sometimes this can feel extremely … Continue reading

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Soul Talking at its Best

For some years now I have been involved with a form of “inner being investigation” (IBI) that has absolutely fascinated me. I have been magically guided through this investigation by some phenomenal experiences and today, I have finally awakened with … Continue reading

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Mahri's New Year Wish

// Everybody’s saying, “There goes another year!” They wonder if you’ve made your resolutions And I think to myself – “Yes…I did last year And look where that got me… You see – I am realizing more and more That … Continue reading

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