"That Little Feeling"

My passion for working with children led me to create a workshop entitled “That Little Feeling Workshop”.This program is designed to reach out to children ages’ approx. 7 to 10 years old. And help them to understand their positive personal power “That Little Feeling Workshop” involves the children in discussion about the meaning of their lives and all the positive words that describe their lives and the choices they make.We have many, fun-like techniques to involve the children in this interactive workshop. They are taught how important it is to be a team player and each child is made to feel an important part of the whole.I have had the great fortune to be involved with some of the boys and girls of The Boys and Girls Club of Annapolis and the Milton Theatre. Several groups of these children have already completed and graduated the course. They have taught me so much. That Little Feeling Workshop is designed to educate children on how to access their given talents and resources.

By using the tools, that are inherently ours, children learn how to increase their confidence and live joy filled lives that lead to successful outcomes in all that they attempt to achieve.

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