"Green Meadow"

Scotland Green Meadows - photographed Harry Blum

Green Meadows of Scotland -Captured by Harry Blum

Death can bring with it such incredible sadness. The death of my mother was no exception. However, having said that, it was through the death of my mother that I received one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received. I was there to witness my mother as she was having a near death experience, (Near Death Experience).
Prior to this experience my mother would ask me, “Am I going to live?” and I would say to her, “Well Mom, do you want to live? I believe that is between you and God!”
After she experienced this NDE she would still ask me the same question. However, when the Hospital Chaplain came to visit and they were alone, Mom would ask her, “Do I get to die now?” I guess she felt that I was not ready to accept that she was ready to go.

Being witness to this amazing experience has developed a feeling within me that I never need to be afraid of death, either witnessing it or experiencing it.

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