N. Steven Truitt



Show 5  “Sound the Common Ground”

N. Steven Truitt is an experienced mental health and addictions paraprofessional with strong organizational and leadership skills, attentive to details, and solid spiritual foundation. A self-starter, experienced facilitator and teacher, great people skills and team building abilities that have been polished over the past twenty nine years. He is a Certified Associate Counselor – Alcohol & Drug and a Nationally Certified Forensic Counselor. His experience includes Psychiatric Emergency Response Team – Screening & Assessments for Addictions & Mental Health patients to determine appropriate intervention with psychiatrist and emergency room physicians & then follow-up with the appropriate resources. Counseled individuals with addictions, mental health, and crisis intervention on-going para-therapy whether individual or group sessions. Managed screening and assessments for Addictions & Mental Health patients to determine appropriate intervention with psychiatrist for more traditional outpatient therapies;Traditional Outpatient 26 week program, Twelve Steps or Co- Occurring Disorders program. Crisis Intervention – suicide, domestic violence, homeless, other. Currently he is engaged in development and implementation in a substance abuse program for a long term residential adolescence program for teenage men on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Spiritual he has come to believe in the freedom of religious expression, in the toleration of religious ideas, in the authority of reason and conscience, in the never ending search of Truth, in the unity of experience, in the worth and dignity of each human being and in the ethical application of religion. Personal experience has shown over and over again that thoughts become things… choose the good ones.

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