"The Spirit of the Child"

Child with wings

"The Spirit of the Child"

Losing a child is the most devastating thing to happen in one’s life. This poem (Also a song) began its journey, approximately 10 years ago. I had befriended a gentleman in Las Vegas, who is a songwriter. He, introduced me to a couple he had met, over the Internet, from Saskatchewan, Canada. This couple had suffered the loss of a child, who had been stillborn. These beautiful parents were still grieving after 10 years and finding it so difficult to move on, even though they had two other children born to them since this tragedy had occurred.

Stephen Fletcher, the music writer, introduced this couple to me one night when I visited him. He actually put a microphone in my hand as they watched, over the Internet, from Saskatchewan. As he did so, he said to me, “You are going to write a song, for Mark and Penny, in memory of their daughter, Kaitlin Dawn.” I was moved and overwhelmed at this and also clearly knew that this was something I must do.
Mark and Penny could see me and I simply closed my eyes as the words began to flow to me. I was writing them down and then I looked at the computer screen and they had typed the words, “What are we going to call this?” Once again I closed my eyes and saw a bright blue sky and the words in cloud formation – “The Spirit of the Child”. We were unanimous on this.
Shortly, after this happened, I wound up the writing of the song. Steve put the headphones on me and I listened to what he had recorded as I wrote the words. I was so moved and when I looked up at the screen Mark and Penny were beaming. It was clear, immediately, that they had recognized the connection to their stillborn child.
This song has gone on to make a difference for many people who have not only lost a child but also lost their own inner child.

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