Reed Sandridge

Show 4 ” What are you doing?”

A former business executive, Reed Sandridge left the for profit world in 2008 to find a more meaningful career in the nonprofit sector.  Unfortunately, the pressures from an ailing economy led to the elimination of his job in October of 2009 and a period of unemployment.  After being out of work for two months Reed started the Year of Giving, a personal journey of micro-philanthropy where he gave a way $10 every day for a year to a complete stranger and then shared his adventure through daily blog posts.  After completing the year-long commitment, Reed created a program for other unemployed individuals to become Kindness Investors for seven days and continue the $10 a day giving tradition.  He has made a new commitment in 2011 to volunteer at least once a week and work with companies and organizations in an effort to create corporate volunteer programs.  Fortunately, Sandridge found gainful employment in July of last year and works as a Regional Director for a leading conservation organization.  In addition, he is the Executive Director of the Urban Philharmonic, a small nonprofit that brings high caliber orchestral music to diverse areas of the city.  He currently resides in Washington, DC.

Reed has started an organization to continue his work and teach you how you can volunteer and create your own unique experience.

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