Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart

A body worker for 8 years and have always been fascinated with the body/mind connection. I’ve spent years studying Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology and Theological Anthropology.  I am a student of many healing modalities focusing on Myofascial Release and Energy work. I use the word “student” because no matter who we are or what stage we are in our lives, there is always something to be learned. There is a divine interconnectedness that cannot be denied. Our collective state of being has an effect on the Whole.  We are ONE.  My passion is learning and educating others on the power of our own minds and the relationship between mental/spiritual awareness and healing. When we become truly honest with ourselves, we open up the doors of perception that only we, ourselves can understand and take responsibility for. Owning our experiences, positive and negative. Learning to live with unconditional love and forgiveness in our hearts is the key to divine healing. Take the best and leave the rest! Use your intuition. Choose to Live and Shine Your Light.

Amy is:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Aesthetics
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Native to Delaware
  • Married

Amy can be Contacted by her on her Facebook Page

( Click this link to Go to Amy’s Facebook )

Email Amy Here

Experience the BEST New Orleans’s Food outside Louisiana.   Amy and Lee Stewart  received a of “Best of Delaware Award” the 1st Year in Business!

Click on this Link on the picture above or this link to Experience this really special Restaurant

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