"Journeys End to a New Beginning"

"Reflections of Fun" Photographed by Harry Blum

"Reflections of Fun"- Captured by Harry Blum

If everything in life smoothly moved along, there would be so very little fascination or intrigue. There would be limited growth and a shallowness that would bring an apparent dullness to life.
It is with the very strongest feelings of conviction; I say that I have absolutely no regrets for any of the apparently unfortunate occurrences in my life. These various situations have brought with them phenomenal outcomes that I could never have believed would happen. The greatest lesson, I have learned in all of this, is that every challenge I have faced has become an opportunity to experience perfection. Thus my favorite expression: “A challenge is purely an opportunity to experience perfection.”
Thus “Journey’s End to a New Beginning” came into being. I simply tired of being a victim and decided to let go of all of the ‘stories’ and explore the newfound freedom of losing their attachment. Oh! What a wonderful freedom!
Although I took, what to some looked like, drastic steps toward that freedom; (I sold my home, all of my furniture and belongings and drove off with only what I could get into my car.)I would not hesitate repeating these steps if I ever found myself in a similar situation. There is nothing more freeing than removing the ‘stuff’ from my life. Somewhat along the lines of; you come here with nothing and in order to be re-born you must let go of everything.

Remember, it is only stuff.

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