Soul Song Coaching

Soul Song Coaching offers guidance that illuminates a process for making healthy choices in support of a desired life style.
Our purpose is to use all the positive avenues in finding your special life purpose and use that as a launching pad to support all of your successes in life.
We offer special techniques to enhance and ensure your forward path. These techniques also include sounds, as in musical notes, that directly connect to your personal energy. It is a personalized formula, one that does not require that you are able to sing, but simply be open to the possibility that, contained in your DNA are significant energies that directly relate to sound. The melodies, that you create, can enhance the harmony of your life in all areas including, appearance, career, family, friends, fun, health, home, money, personal discovery, relationship, service and spiritual growth.BALANCE we believe, that when we achieve an understanding of what the significant life areas are, for you, we then have a duty to keep those specific areas in complete balance with one another. By bringing balance to your being you can begin to experience a peace of mind that, previously, may have been elusive to you.

“Guidelines for Living” will be created by you, that you, yourself, will dictate as you discover each guideline through every day living. We are here to support you in recognizing all these guidelines and to put them into powerfully, good use. This is the most positive way that we can assist you in making your life and all of your life decision-making, a win-win.

I offer you a COMPLIMENTARY , exploratory meeting (1 hour) to give you insight as to what is possible when we work together.

In Person, by Phone or on Skype

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