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We Have All Had Enough // With all the tumult in the world around us, many of us are feeling our energy fractured. We may be feeling pressure and not truly recognize where that pressure is coming from. There may be a feeling of … Continue reading

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The Resistance Factor // I know we would be amazed if we truly realized the power our individual energy brings to the world. If we were to monitor our thoughts in a more precise way and of course, our conversation, we definitely … Continue reading

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Promises Broken // I recently ran into a couple from New Jersey that were planning to move here to Delaware. The wife, had taken a position with the State approximately 15 years before, drawn by the attractive retirement package that she … Continue reading

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Shift the Statistics Recently I was privy to a conversation that involved a young girl, only 16 years old, who was pregnant and burdened with decision making! I couldn’t help noticing, how all the adults, surrounding this young person, were so focused … Continue reading

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Ask Your God

What is it that we desire most in this world? If your first answer to this question is peace, ask your God, “Am I behaving in a peaceful like manner?” If your answer is love, as your God, “Am I … Continue reading

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Tell me – What DO you want?

If any of these political “wanna be’s” expect to be getting a real vote, they need to say, only, what they do stand for and what they intend to accomplish while in office. If they don’t get it now, they … Continue reading

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Today – Start Living

Have you ever felt like you are an observer in your own life – simply watching it unfold and not truly being involved? You can think back to many instances where you may have attended a family affair and for … Continue reading

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