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We Have All Had Enough // With all the tumult in the world around us, many of us are feeling our energy fractured. We may be feeling pressure and not truly recognize where that pressure is coming from. There may be a feeling of … Continue reading

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The Resistance Factor // I know we would be amazed if we truly realized the power our individual energy brings to the world. If we were to monitor our thoughts in a more precise way and of course, our conversation, we definitely … Continue reading

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The Underlying Fear // Today an ugly truth reared its head.  For several years now I’ve known what I wanted for my life and I have been working on bringing it all about. It has been an interesting journey and at times … Continue reading

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Forgive and Let Go

// A dear friend of mine called me today and told me that his father had been taken into the hospital, again, and was really in a bad way. He explained that he was feeling torn about how he should … Continue reading

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In Only a Fleeting Moment // Recently I have been thinking a lot about an old friend of mine. Each time I thought about calling her it just wasn’t the right time to call. So I put off calling her. This has been going … Continue reading

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A New, New Year

I am a new woman on a new day in a new year and it is a new, new year. This is the most special year of my life! Why? Because it is now and I am in it! I … Continue reading

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The Quadruple A Solution

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is necessary to take stock and see how our beliefs are serving us. When this time comes we must choose to be in complete integrity. The catalyst for this event often … Continue reading

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