Decide to Live

Butterfly photographed by Harry Blum

Life in it's Simplest Form Captured by Harry Blum

Shortly after I wrote the song, “The Spirit of the Child”, I met a young man, Johndavid, who was visiting from Houston, Texas. He was seeing a team of Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, being treated for cancer. Upon his return to Houston his Doctor informed him, “I don’t know why you are bothering to go to Johns Hopkins, and the truth is you have a couple of months to live!” Upon hearing these words, this young man, who had everything to live for, with a beautiful little girl and a wife, felt utterly hopeless.
When I heard about this, that night, I was awakened with these words. Upon awakening, the following day, I recognized that these words were intended for Johndavid. So I emailed the words to him along with a prayer that he would own the words and begin to recognize his power in all of this.
This was in April of 2001. The following September 11, 2001 (911) – the words of “Decide to Live” began to run through my mind and this was very unusual for me, as I had never committed to memory any of my poems before. Also music was running through my mind along with the words. Then I realized that these words belonged to all of us. We all need to recognize and own our power and not allow anyone to threaten that God given power. So, right at that moment, I made the decision to go into the studio and make this into a c.d. that we can all connect to in our own way. Johndavid is alive Today!

Many people have benefited from these words, including young people who have been victims of abuse.

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