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The Resistance Factor

http://mahriminutemessage.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v16.swf // I know we would be amazed if we truly realized the power our individual energy brings to the world. If we were to monitor our thoughts in a more precise way and of course, our conversation, we definitely … Continue reading

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Where is the Focus?

I am recognizing more and more that the need to surround myself with positive people and positive programming is essential to my well-being! I have experienced a whole lot of disappointments recently and they are adding up to a huge … Continue reading

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It Happens to All of Us

// Have you ever had a bad day? Have you ever felt you needed to question your feelings of self-worth? Have you ever felt that you could not handle one more negative thing happening to you? If anyone said no … Continue reading

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But that was then!

// I find it amazing that we (humans) get so caught up in history! That is, that every moment is new in time and we can create new outcomes. When we listen to the rhetoric of today’s conversation, which drags … Continue reading

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This is a Test, This is Only a Test?

Just see how involved we (humans) get in the every day chatter and how it seems to manifest in our lives. Before anyone knew of the Bernie Madoffs of this world and the devastating situations that have occurred as a … Continue reading

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When the Miracle Comes

// In days that are plagued with uncertainty, it is so natural for us to feel that we need a miracle to clear the way for us. It is my belief that miracles do abound. They are all around us. … Continue reading

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Holding the Dream!

http://healingheartandspirit.podomatic.com/swf/joeplayer_v15a.swf // It is so easy to feel discouraged in a world whose very essence is being put to the challenge, when people all around are losing their jobs, their homes and the only world that they have known. Now, … Continue reading

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