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Learning Should Be Fun

watch?v=4UphvOSAJdA I was thinking about, way back, when I was in school and how the classes that I did well in were, as I remember, a direct result of my experience of the teacher. I loved those teachers and thought … Continue reading

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Promises Broken // I recently ran into a couple from New Jersey that were planning to move here to Delaware. The wife, had taken a position with the State approximately 15 years before, drawn by the attractive retirement package that she … Continue reading

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Better Than?

// Having recently entered a competition to be “The Next Top Spiritual Author”, I found myself comparing myself to others and going to a place of judgment that did not feel good. I heard myself saying things like, “My video … Continue reading

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Oh! Deer!!

// No – I did not miss spell deer. You know they say, “always good comes from bad”? I am one of those who believe that this is so. However, here’s the deal, Harry and I were traveling home the … Continue reading

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Don't you Just Love It?

// Don’t you just love it when that call you’ve been waiting for comes in? Or that person you’ve been missing, shows up? Or that perfect fabric you’ve been looking for comes into view? Don’t you just love it when … Continue reading

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Hold on Get Ready for the Ride!

// In this past two weeks, Harry and I have been on a merry-go-round! We have moved into our new home. We have begun new jobs. I have done some entertaining. We have met some wonderful, new friends and begun … Continue reading

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New Meaning to Fast Track!

Before you read any further – if you haven’t read “Trust Versus  Worry” – go back and read that – then you will ‘get’ this, the rest of the story. One must be really careful what they ask for because, … Continue reading

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