Learning Should Be Fun


I was thinking about, way back, when I was in school and how the classes that I did well in were, as I remember, a direct result of my experience of the teacher. I loved those teachers and thought fondly of them. Those teachers made,  what they were teaching me, interesting. They even invoked some fun into these classes. I actually looked forward to being in their class. Yet there were other teachers I was terrified of. I was so scared to answer a question in the event it was the wrong answer.

Learning Should Be Fun

When I re-visit my childhood and think of those teachers I loved

I recognize some similarities

Those teachers I loved and think fondly of and made learning fun

And always did so very much to please

Why is it some teachers feel that they should be real mean

And make the children afraid to be wrong

Don’t they realize they’re inhibiting their growth

By closing down the child’s inner song

Don’t get me wrong I am aware

That respect is needed between the teacher and the child

And as long as that respect is going both ways

They won’t find that child running wild

I really feel that our teachers should be supported

And encouraged to make learning fun

This way the children might enjoy going to school

And also graduate when they are done

Copyright Best 2011

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