Who Say's Bigger is Better?





I am glad that I have made America my home for this past 45 or so years. Though there is one thing that may often upset me and that is the need for competition. In my mind, America is a wonderful country and so is Great Britain and so is Spain and so is Germany and so on.

With the world getting so much smaller, I believe that we should pay attention to our conversation and instead of saying we are bigger and better, we might be more open to learning from other countries in the world, who have the ability to show others new and improved ways of being or doing.

Who Says Bigger is Better?

Why do we feel so insecure if we don’t have the greatest new toy?

Why do we constantly fear others’ success and do things that only kill joy?

Who says that bigger is better? Who’s afraid of not being enough?

Why don’t we see that we all have a chance to benefit from all our stuff?

This world feels the need to compete and each country feels they are right

If only each one could consider – there’s really no need to fight

We could, in fact, learn from each other and make this world a great place to live

Instead of thinking that bigger is better we need to let go and forgive

Copyright Best 2011

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