The Resistance Factor


I know we would be amazed if we truly realized the power our individual energy brings to the world. If we were to monitor our thoughts in a more precise way and of course, our conversation, we definitely would alter choices.

I believe that it is time for us to take our gifts seriously and understand their place in this world. Together, we can make a huge, difference for the best.

The Resistance Factor

The resistance factor determines the outcomes I am seeing

As I venture forth in living every day

As I witness others bringing all their pre-conceived ideas

I recognize what power these thoughts play

If I, as a teacher, enter a classroom – bringing thoughts of a negative kind

Judgments of those children that are there

There’s no doubt those judgments will permeate the room

And seep into each heart and every chair

Until I become responsible – being conscious of my thoughts

And being aware of the power each thought brings

I’ll only be fueling the negative power – instead of taking a positive pose

And being responsible for creating wonderful things

I choose to never resist and to welcome all the good I find

And to focus on blessings no matter how small they may be

I’ll trounce that resistance factor and nip it in the bud

Once again I’ll know for sure that if it’s to be it’s up to me

Copyright Best 2011

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